I-69 from Brownsville to Victoria

Current Status

Segments being designed:

No segments currently under construction.

Segments open to traffic:


This branch of I-69 has been called "I-69 East" in some planning documents. The portion south of Odem may be signed as an extension of Interstate 37, or it may be assigned a new number or a spur designation. It is unlikely to receive an "I-69E" designation.

From Brownsville, this corridor follows the U.S. 77/83 freeway north to Harlingen, then follows U.S. 77 north to I-37 at Calallen, and continues along the U.S. 77 corridor to Victoria, where it joins the Laredo/McAllen branch.

According to this post to misc.transport.road, a number of interchange projects are underway or planned along U.S. 77 to upgrade bypasses of Lyman, Raymondville, and Sebastian to or near freeway standards.


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